fort-knox: A disk-backed core.cache implementation

core.cache is a small and convenient cache library for clojure. It enables clojure users to quickly roll out caches. In this blog post I am going to describe a clojure implementation which stores cache entries to disk: fort-knox.

In a few recent projects I’ve needed a cache with entries backed to disk. This is a vital requirement in applications that need to be fault-tolerant. LMDB (which I’ve had very positive experiences with) is fast, quick and perfect for this task. fort-knox implements the core.cache spec and stores entries in LMDB. clj-lmdb (subject of a previous blog post) is part of the plan now.

Note that this library deviates slightly from suggestions for core.cache implementations. For instance, the backing store doesn’t implement IPersistentCollection or Associative so fort-knox might deviate from expected behavior. Thus YMMV.

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