Basswood Carving

A basswood carving. Finished first with polyurethane, which was a disaster. Rescued (sort-of) with a gel stain.

Kitchen Tools - Spatula And Serving Board

I want to share a couple more woodworking projects.

The first is a jatoba spatula, the second a bloodwood cutting board.

Jatoba is a stunning wood - after sanding down to 1500 grit, when you run your finger on the surface, it has this velvety, posh, expensive feel.

It feels gorgeous to look at, it is amazing to touch.

The bloodwood board was rescued from a scrap bin and cleaned up.

Removing the dirt and grime revealed a surface full of character and vibrant colors. The contrast between the live edge and the grain, the reds, the blacks and the yellows - this is a masterpiece forged by nature - one no man can produce.

A Segmented Flower Vase

A couple of weeks ago, a friend came up with a challenge. Produce a low-cost, minimal flower-vase.


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